Joe Ward

Tell Us About Yourself!

I'm originally from Southern California, but have lived in almost every corner of the country over the past 6 years! Los Angeles and Orange County will always be home, but I've ventured as far as east as Cocoa Beach, Florida and as far north as Seattle, Washington. My girlfriend and I currently live in Tempe, and recently adopted a brand new Jack Russell Terrier puppy named Jersey! (she's the absolute cutest) If you want to know the quickest way to my heart, take me out to good Mexican food or quality sushi sometime! 

How Did You Find CrossFit? 
I found CrossFit in 2013 while living in Florida, during the "Rich Froning" era of The CrossFit Games. Everything about the methodology simply made sense to me. I was blown away with how hard of a workout I could have in 8 minutes versus the 90+ minutes I used to spend in globo-gyms. My hunger to get more involved with the sport grew and soon I got my Level 1 Certification in 2015 and started coaching classes immediately. I've coached CrossFit in 3 different states now, including both CrossFit Tempe and CrossFit Infinite Strength here in Arizona! 

Why Do You Coach?
My personal vision in life is to continue seeking out ways to empower other people to realize their own potential. CrossFit is one of those ways I have enjoyed doing this on a daily basis. The sport is humbling to us all and does not discriminate. Regardless of your athletic background, your age, your ethnicity, your body type, your personal story - CrossFit has a way of getting real with us, teaching us how to handle adversity, and discovering new skills we never thought we could master. 

What's Your Favorite Exercise and/or WOD?
Honestly, I think I love a lot of exercises and movements most people dread! I love the simplicity of the air squat and how, when performed properly, it can transform people's lives and keep them functional for years. But I also love the nastiness of burpees and the assault bike. I'd also toss in double unders as a recent favorite because I used to be so bad at them, and they really taught me perseverance. 

Tell Us a Secret!

Here's a few: I used to work in music industry for Columbia Records. I have a speech impediment and my stutter might surprise you. I have a graduate degree in transformational leadership from the school of theology and ministry at Seattle University. 


Seattle University

M.A. Transformational Leadership

CrossFit Coach 

  • 4 years


  • Level 2 Trainer