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We do everything we can to provide the best service possible to our members, but we realize that sometimes life happens, people move, or our services simply aren’t for everyone. We’re sorry to see you go, but remember the door is always open should you wish to rejoin our tribe!

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  • Cancellation Policy/Collections Policy

    Excerpt from CrossFit Infinite Strength’s signed Membership Agreement:

    "If a Member decides to cancel their membership status with CrossFit Infinite Strength, the Member must give a 30-day notice prior to the desired date of their membership termination. Once 30-day notice is given to CrossFit Infinite Strength, the Member will also be responsible for the following 30 days of membership cost prior to termination date. If Member decides to cancel membership in the middle of a month, the Member will then be charged a prorated amount for the following month leading up to the desired membership termination date. Member agrees that CrossFit Infinite Strength may submit unpaid balances and fees to a 3rd-party collection agency after 30 days of non-payment of agreed-upon charges."

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