Rocko Holmes

Tell Us About Yourself!

I am from Michigan originally. I played collegiate basketball and eventually played professionally overseas. I am married and have two amazing puppies!!

How Did You Find CrossFit? 

 I was a personal trainer for years and after being competitive my whole life. I transitioned into CrossFit about 3 years ago.

Why Do You Coach? 

 I love looking at everyone as an athlete. We have so much untapped potential as humans. I want to show people how to become the superhero of there own novel.

What's Your Favorite Exercise and/or WOD?

 I love handstand walks. It's a cool party trick and being a 6'5" big guy, I think it is funny that I enjoy gymnastics.

Tell Us a Secret!

 I used to weigh as heavy as 330lbs!!!! I love anime/comic books/video games. I am a huge nerd and want to be as strong as the superheroes I look up to.


CrossFit Coach 

  • 2 years


  • Level 1 Trainer

Precision Nutrition

  • Level 1 Coach