Before & After

At CrossFit Infinite Strength, we are truly dedicated to offering fitness for everyone. Your body type doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter how old you are. We don’t care about your past failures. Simply commit to our programming and you will see results, like the members featured on this page. Discover what they have to say about the impact our gym has had in their lives and see the results for yourself.

Jenna P.

“I previously ran marathons all over the world, but it was only through CrossFit did I truly find my highest level of fitness.”

Eric U.

“I used to weigh 225 lbs with approx 20% body fat. In just 7 months I am now down to 205 and 13.1% body fat. I feel great!”

Dustin R.

“Since joining, I’ve lost 40 lbs (from 250 to 210….and falling) and my strength and flexibility have improved well beyond any goals that I set for myself.”

Gill C.

“I am in the best physical shape I have ever been, right now at 51 years old. CrossFit has simply made my life better in every way like no other training has every done before.”

Allison G.

“I’m 63 and I have been CrossFitting for over three years. As a child of the 70’s, CrossFit is my natural high. The coaches have made me a better athlete and the community has kept me on target.”

Kristen B.

“I’m in much better shape than I was in when I ran everyday and starved myself. And, I feel way better about myself then I ever have.”

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Garrett F.

Since joining the gym during one of our 6 week challenges Garrett has hit some major goals! After completing the 6 weeks Garrett continued on into our Life class and eventually decided to transfer into CrossFit. He has learned almost every advanced gymnastic movement including handstand walks and continues to PR his lifts.

Bryan R.

Since joining the gym during a 6 week challenge Bryan has come a long way from CrossFit beginner to Rxing workouts and competing in the open this year. He is a regular at our 6am class and never misses, he never has an excuse! Bryan has achieved so much in the past 9 months and continues to reach new goals each month. Keep up the great work Bryan!