Brenda Schreiner

Brenda Schreiner


Brenda and her husband Mike moved from their home in Ohio to Arizona in 2009 after the Economic crisis of 2008 changed their lives forever. Since both children, Chad and Courtney, had decided to stay in Arizona after finishing school at Arizona State University, they yearned for their close-knit family to be together again.

They pulled up their roots in Ohio, redesigned their self -owned business of 30 years and began a new life in the desert. Brenda discovered CrossFit as a part of rebuilding her life here and quickly got her son Chad involved. Soon after they started Infinite Strength Athletics and opened CrossFit Infinite Strength. Brenda keeps threatening to retire but is still seen at the gym almost everyday and enjoys workouts 4 to 5 days a week. She loves providing the coaching staff with a positive platform to enhance their education and growth as coaches and individuals.


Over 30 years as an Entrepreneur
Graduated with Honors from the School of Hard Knocks