Chad Schreiner

Coach Chad Schreiner

Head Coach/Owner

Chad Schreiner began coaching because he truly believes in the life-changing benefits of functional fitness. After finishing school at Arizona State University, he struggled to find his place in life. During his own journey he discovered that fitness and coaching not only fulfilled a passion but also gave him the purpose and balance he was searching for.

His goal as head coach is to inspire individuals to make long-term lifestyle changes, and he has found that CrossFit style programming with scalable intensity and commitment to functional movement makes it perfect for individuals of all ages and abilities. Chad welcomes all levels of fitness and takes pride in getting beginners started on their fitness journey. He is often seen coaching the beginners’ classes at the gym because of his strong belief in teaching them to properly follow a strength and conditioning program. His one on one clients are constantly hitting PR’s and reaching their goals.

He creates a positive training environment to help clients overcome self-doubt or perceived limitations to achieve their full potential. When Chad is in the gym there is always a GREAT VIBE.

Chad also specializes in individual programming as well as writing programs for others fitness facilities.

Certifications include:

CF Level 1 Coach
CF Olympic Lifting Certification
CF Gymnastics Certification
CF Mobility Certification
OPT Life Coaching
OPT Assessment
OPT Level 1 Business Systems
OPT Program Design
Catalyst Weight Lifting Level 1