Courtney Schreiner

Courtney Schreiner

Business Manager/Owner

Courtney Schreiner graduated from the W.P. Carey School of Business with a focus in Marketing in the summer of 2013 and had already been working in corporate America for 3 years. She began working the front desk at CrossFit Infinite Strength to help out her brother Chad and mother Brenda on the opening of the new gym. She quickly began to see how fulfilling it was to help individuals reach their fitness aspirations and decided to leave her corporate career and work full time at the gym. She connects the most with individuals who are brand new to fitness and have a long road ahead of them to reach their goals; she was once on of them. Never being truly athletic, CrossFit has given Courtney and outlet to better herself and inspire her clients.

Courtney is the Business Manager of CrossFit Infinite Strength and is also in charge of client relations. Courtney also specializes in 1-on1 training with athletes of all ages and fitness levels. She says she feels blessed to come to work everyday because to her helping individuals succeed is not a job; it’s a passion.

Certifications include:

CrossFit Level 1 Cert
Program Design
Business Solutions
Life Coaching