Michael Prangner

Coach Michael Prangner


Michael comes to us from El Paso Texas and along with him he brings his Texan manners and politeness. After spending over 10 years as a Detention Officer, he decided he really needed a change! In an effort to start a career in fitness coaching he acquired his CrossFit Level one and started coaching at a local CrossFit box.

Michael is very anxious to learn and really wants to work as well further his education in Health and Fitness When attempting to get an interview with us, he called back almost everyday to follow up and just wouldn’t take no for an answer. His entreprenual spirit also enables him to run his own Advocare business on the side.

When Michael shows up for work, it is always with an awesome attitude and the willingness to help clients reach their goals. His humble nature makes him an excellant example of what a coach and mentor should be like.

Certifications include:

CrossFit Level 1 Coach
USA Weight Lifting Certification