Tyler Tatz

Coach Tyler Tatz


Playing football all through high school, I enjoyed practice, and the games just like everyone else, but for some reason I enjoyed the off-season more. We would spend hours in the weight room or out in the heat running, flipping tires or pushing and pulling sleds. For some reason that was the most enjoyable part for me. I think that is why I fell in love with Crossfit.

Being a Crossfit athlete, I personally know the struggles that go into achieving the goals you have set for yourself. I have been lucky to have great coaches to help me keep pushing and be that voice that says don’t give up, keep working. Having someone in your corner believing in you can really motivate a person to do extraordinary things. I hope to be that extra motivation someone needs and push them just as my coaches push me. Getting someone to achieve something beyond what they believe to be impossible, can really change someone’s outlook on life, which is the best thing any coach can do for someone.

Certifications include:

CF Level 1